Getting Started

What do I need to start releasing music?
Just sign up to HarDan Music Group Distribution Portal ( HarDan Backend) for free with your email address From your HarDan Backend Dashboard, you'll have the choice of creating a new release - ( Click on create button and select either Audio or Video releases ) and you are good to go Quick note! 📝 You'll need your audio in WAV format, as well as artwork in JPG format, 3000 x 3000 pixels in size and RGB color formatted.
How do I remove a release from stores?
Create an takedown with valid reason and your releases will be takedown within working 7 days if your reason will be valid to us and stores.
Create a new promotional download link
Clink on the promotional link tab and put your link in the platform filed and submit it and you will receive the mail contacting your promotional link.

Social Links

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