How much does music distribution cost with HMG??
HMG is a completely free service that will always be free. You can use Gallery Vision without any cost whatsoever. By using Gallery Vision, you can access all of our services without any upfront fees, hidden charges, or extra expenses. We do not charge for YouTube's Content ID, adding your music to our partner services, or keeping your music online. Your music is safe with us for as long as you want it to be! Our free plan is exactly what it sounds like - free! It gives you the opportunity to receive 75% of the net revenue we earn from the usage of your music in the binging..
What payment methods does HMG payout through??
We offer multiple payment options including Payoneer and bank transfers for your convenience.
How long before my release date should I upload my music?
For the best possible results, we highly recommend uploading your music at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your planned release date. This allows us enough time to accurately process your release and connect it with the appropriate stores and artist profiles. Uploading your music early also gives you extra time to effectively promote your music leading up to the release date. This is especially important if you want to submit tracks for potential inclusion in Spotify playlists through your Spotify for Artists account.
Can I release music videos?
Absolutely! It is indeed possible to establish a Vevo channel and distribute official music videos. To distribute your music videos, simply chose video wile creating your releases.
How long does it take to release my music?
In just 48 hours, your music will be available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer.
Do I have the option to select the specific store where my music is released?
We provide distribution to more than 100 music streaming, download, and social media platforms, including popular names like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, and many more! You have the flexibility to release your music on all stores, download-only stores, streaming-only stores, or even create your own custom selection.
What is the expected timeframe for approval of my release?
We understand that you're eager to know how long it will take for your release to be fully approved. While we can't provide an exact timeframe, rest assured that we will review your submission as quickly as possible. To ensure a smooth and speedy approval process, it's important to follow all the metadata, artwork, and title guidelines provided by the stores you have chosen.
How do I qualify for a Content ID and what are the requirements ?
To determine eligibility for Content ID, various criteria are considered. This includes whether the copyright owner's content can be claimed through Content ID, as well as their demonstrated need. Copyright owners must provide evidence of the copyrighted content for which they hold exclusive rights. The Content ID system will compare your reference content to every upload on YouTube. Copyright owners must have exclusive rights to the material being evaluated. Examples of items that may not be exclusive to individuals include mashups, "best of" compilations, remixes of other works, video gameplay, software visuals, trailers, unlicensed music and video, and music or video that was licensed without exclusivity, as well as recordings of performances such as concerts, events, speeches, and shows. In order for your music to be eligible for monetization through the YouTube Content ID system, it must meet several criteria. Exclusive rights mean the following are not eligible: Cover songs Content licensed non-exclusively from a third party (such as Beatstars or YouTube instrumentals) Content released under Creative Commons or similar free of charge/open licenses Public domain footage, recordings, or compositions, including classical music Clips from other sources such as video games, movies, TV, or YouTube videos All reference content must be sufficiently distinct. This means the following are not eligible: Karaoke recordings, remasters, sound-alike recordings, live versions that are not distinct from the original version, and dubbed content Sound effects, soundbeds, or production loops such as audience applauses, white noise, or drum loops A single distinct piece is eligible. This means the following are not eligible: Continuous DJ mixes Mashups Countdown lists Full album or full compilation recordings Even if you exclusively own all the content within these examples in all territories, you must separate them into individual components, songs, or videos. Recording of non-musical work is not eligible. This includes: Audiobooks ASMR Podcasts Speeches Comedy recordings Film recordings Prayers Video gameplay footage Sound recordings that exceed a duration of 10 minutes are flagged as ineligible.

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